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GABAREST contains a proprietary blend of gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA), as a natural type of amino acid, plus other natural herbs that combine synergistically to help the brain more efficiently produce and utilize both GABA, and another neurotransmitter called serotonin. This “chemical messenger is also responsible for helping you feel less stressed and anxious. All you have to do is simply take 2-3 tablets of GABAREST® approximately an hour before bed, and that’s it!

100’s Of Years of History on GABAREST‘s Side.

Natural plant ingredients in GABAREST, such as Valerian, Hops and Passion Flower have a long history of use. For instance, down through the ages in Europe there are centuries of “well documented folk lore” claiming Valerian helped to promote restful sleep at night, and contribute to a calm relaxed mind during the day.

ValerianValerian - Valeriana officinalis
Historically used to promote deep sleep and relaxation. Scientifically studied for its affects on GABA receptors and helping the brain relax and de-stress. Seems to work even better when combined with hops and passion flower (below).

The use of the rhizome and roots of Valerian (Valeria officinalis) as an anxiousness reducing, and relaxation and sleep enhancing aid dates back over 2,000 years (circa 460BC). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rates Valerian as a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) herb. It is listed in the European Pharmacopea, and is widely used as a nightly sleep aid and daytime anti-stress and relaxation supplement.

HopsHops - Humulus lupulus
Historically used to help people go to sleep faster and handle stress and anxiety better during the day. Scientifically believed to enhance the effects of Valerian and GABA.


Passion FlowerPassion Flower - Passiflora incarnata
Traditionally, the fresh or dried whole plant has been used as a herbal medicine to treat nervousness and sleep problems. Scientifically believed to act on the GABA receptors thus aiding sleep and relaxation. Believed to work synergistically with Valerian and Hops.

Recently, multiple clinical studies have demonstrated that the right form and amount of Valerian, either alone or in combination with Passion Flower and/or Hops, can be significantly effective in helping people sleep better. An important study revealed that EEG brain wave readings after taking Valerian before sleep produced a deeper sounder sleep, as reflected in increased Delta (Stage 4, Slow)
brainwaves, that is “deep sleep”.

L-TheanineL-theanine, or gamma-glutamylethylamide
Extracted from Camellia sinensis, or green tea leaf, is a non-caffeine amino acid derivative shown to promote a relaxed alertness, even increasing alpha brain waves. It has also been shown to help promote sleep. Scientifically it’s believed to increase neurotransmitters GABA, dopamine (the feel good neurotransmitter) and serotonin (the other relaxation neurotransmitter.

GABAREST® also contains an effective amount of L-theanine, a natural ingredient extracted from green tea that also helps the brain relax. Its primary effect seems to increase the overall level of the brain inhibitory transmitter GABA.

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Getting a better night’s sleep with GABAREST® can also help the brain be more calm and relaxed, yet alert the next day. And, a more relaxed, less anxious brain is also healthy for your body and longevity!



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