“I love my new sleep aid! I am sleeping like a baby and waking up more refreshed than I have felt in years. Thank you!”
Sylvia N-R, 50,
Marketing Executive

“Hi Josh, I finally needed your sleeping pill last night and it worked perfectly.  I was feeling agitated and couldn't fall asleep.  By 1 AM, I took one and it calmed me down.  It seemed like it took less than 1/2 hr.  Other pills I have taken in the past relaxed my body, this one relaxed my mind (what I really needed). Thanks!”
Elle H, 50, NYC, NY

“I have been suffering from rather acute sleep loss for the last 6 months. I have been attributing my sleep problems to age and menopause. Historically, I had almost no problems either drifting off to sleep or staying asleep. But, at 53 years old it seems that sleep has become somewhat illusive. After a few nights taking the Gabarest supplement, I fell asleep more easily and slept with very little restlessness throughout the night
Sue M, 53,
Software Developer

Tired of being tired?

Chances are you’re not getting enough deep, or slow wave, sleep. This is the deepest stage of sleep and is necessary for the adequate discharge of stress, so you can wake up feeling fully rested.

Unfortunately, our brain gets less deep sleep as we age. The result can be deep sleep deprivation, characterized by mental fatigue and sluggishness the next day.

Fortunately, there is an all natural supplement, GABAREST® that can help you sleep deeper and wake up feeling more relaxed, refreshed and ready to go!

Its ingredients have been clinically shown to help:

arrowImprove quality of sleep
arrowIncrease all important deep sleep
arrowReduce stress and tension
arrowPromote relaxation during the day

The secret is a unique natural blend of herbs and vitamins known to improve key neurotransmitters, such as GABA (γ-Aminobutyric acid) and serotonin, which are involved in relaxation and sleep, especially the all important, deep sleep.

All Natural Sleep and Relaxation

GABA (γ-Aminobutyric acid) is known as an inhibitory neurotransmitter that helps relax the mind and body. Typically, as we age the brain’s GABA production and utilization are compromised resulting in more stress, anxiety and sleep loss - especially the reduction in what’s known as deep sleep. Quality sleep includes the necessary amount of time in deep sleep so your brain is best able to discharge deep-seated, accumulated stress.

Sleep Chart - IllustrationAs the graph shows, as we age it’s typically our deep sleep that is most compromised. Also known as “slow wave sleep”, or “delta sleep”, this is the only stage of sleep where accumulated, deep seated stress can be adequately discharged.

GABAREST® was designed to help you achieve more longer lasting and deeper stages of a higher quality sleep, thus helping you wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to go the next morning.

Enjoy The Next Day!Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a better night’s sleep with GABAREST® can also help the brain be more calm and relaxed, yet alert the next day. And, a more relaxed, less anxious brain is also healthy for your body and longevity!



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